An inventive ad campaign has waged an unlikely war of words between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and a Massachusetts-based small business. This campaign may further threaten disruption to Clinton’s public persona and cast doubt on party publicist’s denials that her husband and former US President Bill Clinton is a ‘hindrance’ to her push for the US Presidency.

Clinton-Camp-Deny-a-change-of-Husband (1)
Bill Clinton.

Hubby Hire, a company who specialises in providing a surrogate ‘husband’ for families requiring house and garden maintenance, has recently garnered prime time attention for a chain of newspaper advertising which directly addressed Hillary Clinton, offering to replace her husband Bill with a more ‘relatable, less clumsy, everyday American’.

The ad in question was originally a response to the very public moment Bill Clinton shared at a state rally in mid-May where he caught press attention, kissing an elderly woman on the lips. According to Michael and Hope Andrews, the husband and wife team that run and own Hubby Hire, the ad was a tongue-in-cheek response to the burden of ‘negative press’ the Clinton’s were likely to face “you know, because of that long history he has with other women. At heart we’re Democrats, but even so you have to admit that things like this Hillary certainly doesn’t need.”

In responding to the company’s ad, senior aides have called the campaign ‘slapstick at best, totally reprehensible and disrespectful at worst’ and has demanded an apology and for the ads to stop.

However, despite the heat that the Hillary camp has put on the small business, Hubby Hire has received another unexpected boost for its campaign from Bill Clinton after it was revealed he held a private meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Whilst both camps profess absolute innocence in their reasons for the meeting, to Michael and Hope it represents another strong claim for Hillary to take them up on their offer.