‘Most Sexiest Man’ Tony Abbott forced to admit that he isn’t.

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott made ‘honest mistake’ in accepting lad-mag award.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot has been forced to admit that he made an ‘honest mistake’ after accepting an award from online men’s lifestyle publication Le Coq. The award in question -the publications inaugural Most Sexist Man- was awarded to Mr Abbott for what editor Matt Heart called “in general, a shocking attitude towards women.”

It was later revealed by backroom staff of Mr Abbott that he had accepted the accolade ‘in the larrikin nature that it was intended’, but that he initially believed the award to be ‘Most Sexiest Man’. An aide to the former PM and current member for Warringah has told the Orator today that Mr Abbott misread the nature of the tribute due to a busy schedule during the election run in.

“Mr Abbott is a man of the people, and he wanted to show he can share a joke. Unfortunately, due to the busy nature of the election campaign he has misread the award to be something other than intended. Unsurprisingly, he vehemently denies any allegations of being sexist, and would like to reiterate his desire to see women play a strong part in Australia’s future”.

Le Coq editor Matt Heart hit back at the former PM, labeling him as ‘out of touch’ and ‘pathetic’.

“Let’s be clear, he has a long track record of ignoring women, and to say otherwise just proves that he’s out of touch with the people. Whether it denying women a chance in cabinet; or saying that young Liberal MP Fiona Scott had ‘sex appeal’; or not remonstrating with Christopher Pyne for using ‘c*unt’ in parliament…it’s just pathetic. We wanted to make a strong statement with this award,