Scientists warn that emigration headaches lay ahead for post Brexit UK

A disgruntled former civil servant has backed recent scientific evidence and called on the new British Prime Minister Theresa May to tread carefully in the wake of the successful ‘Brexit’ campaign. The former Conservative party member believes in the threat global warming poses to the UK, with particular regard to coastal towns and cities.

“If she isn’t careful to take heed of the problem now she’ll find herself leading Britain out of Europe and into the North Sea”.

Scientists believe that rising sea levels will wash out much of the East coast of Britain, with Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Norfolk in particular danger. According to the Government Office for Science, larger populated cities such as Liverpool and parts of London are also at risk of becoming washed out and unliveable. Up to 7,000 homes, ‘probably more’, are at risk of being swept into the ocean as the tide threatens to permanently rise.

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And with Britain’s new Prime Minister proving to be a success with her efforts to curb immigration, many are now starting to believe that she will be in charge to witness a crisis of emigration.

“With regards to foreign policy this rather puts Theresa May in a difficult position. If we want dry land to live on we’ll need friends in Europe”.

Britain’s tough stance on immigration often strained relations with European neighbours, particularly with regard to the port of Calais and the quantity of refugees that attempted to get through to the UK.

“Chances are, now that we face possibly flooding, we ourselves might be barging down the gates at Calais to force our way into a more habitable Europe”.

In her former role as Home Secretary Mrs May gained a reputation as a steely operator with regards to immigration; a notable example included the provision that British citizens who earn less that £18,000 were barred from bringing in spouses and children into the UK.