Russia on the front foot after comments made by PETA supporters at a rally


The animal rights organisation, PETA (People for the Ethical Rights of Animals), is grappling with a PR scandal which threatens to derail its credibility. The scandal arose after PETA volunteers criticised the Russian Federation in an online petition, demanding Russia cease its operation to send primates on an exploratory mission to Mars.

“This is yet another instance in a long, disgusting line of examples of Russia inhumanely treating animals for their own gain”

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Whilst the majority of the petition focuses solely on the primates, the controversy has come from the petitions attempt to delve into history.

“We have to remember that this is a nation that identifies itself with the bear, and ignorantly uses this as an excuse to be aggressive. They have a track record of bullying and open hostility towards others-they are literally giving bears a bad name”.

In a statement of response Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov was scathing of the organisations attempts to stain the nations cultural identity. He attacked the organisation for ‘misrepresenting history for their own gain’ and went on to claim that Russia’s cultural identification with the Bear was a positive thing for its people.

“The Bear is a noble creature, one of strength and dignity. We, the Russian people, find these traits admirable and they reflects us as a people. We are accepting the good principles of the bear, and are using it as a guide for future generations. These malicious comments imply that PETA holds little regard for our nation”.

As of yet the animal rights organisation has declined to give a full statement in response, instead attributing the comments to “a zealot. We will be reviewing our practises and making sure that the correct message comes across. Whilst we are against the cruel use of animals for space mission testing, we do not support the unsubstantiated claims of one individual”.